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this is angela ng jia qi and her birthday is 20/10/95.typical libra. i can be simple, i can be complicated. i can be optimistic, i can be pessimistic. i am random, hyper, easygoing. i love my family, friends, music, classmates, bandmates, white chocolate and u who are reading this blog. i currently hate nothing except lor mee and vegetable.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

just come up here as i remembered adrielle telling me to update it. actually i had already change to tumblr le, but nevermind.

just read the previous posts and realise the changes in me. "i've change so much." is currently my fav phrase.
i've become so different, and i don't know how to react to this.

just hope that i can still cling on the beliefs that have been with me since young

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 11:46 PM

Saturday, January 30, 2010

arrrggg. i woke up realising that i got band performance today. then called everyone one but no one picked up the phone. so called mr tang. SORRY GUYS FOR BEING LATE, SND THANKS FOR BEING UNDERSTANDING:). then amanda did something really funny during "moon represent my heart" and i was trying very hard to suppress my laughter and she kept turning back. then carry the instruments. and then take lrt with amanda,xin yu, ellabelle,alicia. then xin yu damn sad sia, so emo. then called cherie and we were laughing and laughing because something funny happened 3years ago. we damn crazy lor. haha

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 2:07 PM

Friday, January 29, 2010

my mood was like UP and DOWN these few days. first was like laughing like mad in class, i'm looking more and more like a mad woman. seriously, ppls sitting around me are damn funny. like elena, zhafririn(i dunt know how to spell his name), yao kun, jerrick, "mr tong" xiaver and nicole. i love 3E1 man. WOOT! hehe,damn hyper. then today's net ball i was basically crazy. i was the goal attacker and was like running like mad, jumping and jumping. then my whole face turned red. then the usual thing: "jiaqi, ur face damn red leh." and i was sweating and sweating. then happy to say, i survived 3 tests today, weeeeeeee. then during CME is funny + sad. because yao kun was rather sad bout his chem so we let him choose the character he want first. then he choose the lead. actually he was joking de lor but then we all made him to be the lead. then tian wei say he be the dead grandmother. haha, he was like looking up, talking when he is suppose to be dead. then i was like cracking jokes and laugh and laugh then elena and nicole also cant stop laughing. then band was like so tiring but funny. cause jun liang was like keep on dancing and me and hui bin cant stop laughing. then played the solo part of moon represent my heart and i screw it up. played a few wrong notes. i was damn nervous and ppl were like looking at me and i dun have any score with me. i just play base on memory. arg. then carry instruments to hall and take lrt home with xin yu. we talk bout many random things sia. then dad cm back home with MINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 10:33 PM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hi hi hi hi. long time never blog le. so sian. sku life have been ok for me, except for loads of homework. hehe,everyone is complaining bout that. i am always in between of enjoying the works and hating it at the same time. sad to say again, i fail my amath quiz AGAIN. ok, i must really work hard to overcome the phobia of math test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my body ache all over.....because i was sitting down doing homework all the time.....i think i cant fulfill the new yr resolution of exercising everyday:( then ate lunch with amanda yesterday and with elena today. my this week's allowance is RUNNING OUT FAST!!!!!!!! argggg, cause my dad is oversea and i forgot to ask for more money:( going to dig into my saving soon...and it only have 10bucks...cause i spent it all on clothes:( i'm so poor... and many ppl haven return me my money yet!!!!! u should know who u are. hehe.
my body ache all over.............

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 7:04 PM

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

lonnngggggggg time never blog le. haiz, lately very busy. rushing holiday hw. the EL one. arggg, i didnt know that we cant take photos from engrish.com and more than half of my presentation are from engrish! die....... now having flu... getting weaker and weaker since i went to secondary school....i didnt fall sick this easily when i was in primary school lor. haiz. just now was trying to calm mself down. i am SUPER AFRAID OF DRINKING MEDICINE. and everyone in the family was laughing at me. i was like :" hey you all dont look lah. i now very nervous. shit. omg. omg. omg." really. ok i may seems childish but it is true lah. then got a lot of PILLS to take. OMG OMG. anyway guys, i will nt be in school tomorrow, which is 7th jan. take care of yourselves and drink more water if you do not want to fall sick!

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 8:23 PM

Friday, December 25, 2009


hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 10:43 AM

Thursday, December 24, 2009

nothing to post. so upload genting's photos.

Ripley's believe it or not
cousin binin ktv

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 1:08 PM

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

this is the first time i feel that i am so sensitive...and i think nobody cares bout it.

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 2:41 PM

Sunday, December 20, 2009

HELLO!!!!!!!!! I AM BACK!!!! WEEEEEE!!!!!!!! haha, back from malaysia^-^ soooo this will be a looonnngggg post. do anyone mind?? anyway, i am going to write le hor.
14thdec- morning sleep at cousin bin and his family's room. then went to eat at yun hua gong. wow, very high class leh. but then hor, i saw the adv outside. it says the dian xin rang from 3RM onward. sound cheap right? but actually only ONE dish there is 3RM, the rest all 9RM. then we got our room and moved there. then afternoon rest. at night went to take photos and to the Ripley's believe it or not. it was fun. if u got go genting must visit it. then there is this funny path where u will get giddy if u open ur eyes and try to walk straight. actually is the eye effect which make u giddy lah.
15thdec-went ktv with cousin bin. then sing sing sing. then say good bye to cousin bin and his family. then went back to room to sleep sleep sleep. then shop shop shop.
yea, the rest of the journey is boring as theme park got many people, then nothing to do except for taking photos. ok ok, i admit i am zi lian.
p.s. saw a lot of ribbon hairclips~ wanted to buy a lot back but very exp.
p.s.s. thankyou 2nd uncle for treating us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s.s.s. photos at face book.

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 1:50 PM

Thursday, December 10, 2009

links are put up. SORRY FOR THOSE I DIDNT LINK!!!!!! it does not mean i dont like u, just i am lazy. ARHHHH, call me lazy pig or whatever u want.

weee...yesterday went out with xin ying jie jie to shop till 10.45pm. bought the dress to wear on miss neo wedding. seriously i dont really dare to wear-it is quite revealing. anyway i like the dress a lot and it is bought..so i'll wear. just dont laugh at me hor. the belt is a bit too loose to have to grow fatter so that it will not drop. then bought earrings. havent buy the shoes yet. then have to go there again. had dinner at fish & co. had so much fun yesterday.

nothing to say. haha

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 10:58 AM

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i change the blogskin! this is so colourful man. links will be up soon.

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 1:13 PM

Sunday, December 6, 2009

SO BORED!!!! nothing to do. going to turn into a lazy pig le......haiz. maybe going to change my blogskin soon. haiz, i got $42 at first. $20 used to buy miss neo's wedding present and middles havent pay me back. then $2 used to buy snack. hehe. then only left $20!!!!!!! shit, going shopping with elena 2moro and i only have $20...T-T haiz..........HAIZ. and i mistaken one person for my friend. SO EMBARRASSING MAN. and for this friend, i had lost contact of him for bout 2yrs? haiz. he share the same name as elena, JELLY FISH. hahaha, we all called him jelly fish last time lor. yesterday look at some old photos. haiz. P6 one. all my tution friends and classmates. like yi xuan, amanda, Rebbecca, benjamin, xiao xuan, li min, wen hui, cai yun, alicia and loads more.. and not much pp really return to CVPS....

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 2:41 PM

Friday, December 4, 2009

WEEEEEEE!!!!!! haha, i am hyper everyday. yesterday cant sleep then listen to YES933. wa then i was like keep on calling the station,hope that i can dian ge. tried for 2 nights also cannot. haiz. then today went to collect contact lens. then later went to compasspoint to buy presents for miss neo. met renyi and tyrone there. they were like joking and laughing and making fun of ME. wa lao, i swear i'll never go out with them lor. ok, is not going out when there is only 2 of them.
waiting for monday to come. then can go shopping with elena. WEEEEE!!!!!

decided to give up waiting
雨爱,说谎,看见什么吃什么,感同身受,爱疯头 all very NICE!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 4:09 PM

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

让爱变透明我爱上给我勇气的 rainie love

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 6:13 PM

hello guys, i am up here again. WEEEEEEE!!!!!!! going oversea on 13dec to 19 dec!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yea,genting again. so wat? haiz, cant believe a loved one can say that we are poor thats why. and the problem is, their daughters had GROWN UP, got JOBS, EARNS moneys. of cos they can go anywhere they want. but i AM NOT ADULT, i DUN HAVE JOB. of cos no money lah. what is wrong with going genting? i means it is a blessing when u can go oversea. some of my friends didnt even had that chance. so why should i care where i go. after it is NOT in s'pore can liao. haiz, heartbroken. anyway I STILL LOOK FORWARD TO IT!!!!!!!!!! who care wat they say. it will only make me work harder. so wat if they were from girl skus. next time i grow up i'll bring my family to wherever they want. u wait.
yesterday chat with someone till 1am. haiz. I CANT SLEEP!!!!! that is the problem with holiday. u can sleep all u want in the morning and end up cant sleep at night.
that feeling is back. finally, after that incidence. GOOD.

hahaha,i so random. btw this is JIAQI' 12:21 PM